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Penetration Testing

I offer penetration testing services: remote, on site and physical tests are available. Contact me for more information and pricing

Security Assements

Similar to penetration tests however I simply show you where the holes in your security are instread of exploiting to guage severity


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QR Codes! A Modern USB Drop!

AirFASE Write Up

TMHC Podcast – AirFASE w/ Hackerpom & CyberSecStu

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Using URI to pop shells via Discord Client

Introduction Myself and fellow researcher: Styx were the leads on this research we were backed up by CyberSecStu, and 5w0rdFish from The Many Hats Club. We discovered a vulnerability within[…]

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14th December 2018 0

Global Aviation Cyber Security Issue – AirFASE Write Up

Global Aviation Cyber Security Issue – AirFASE Write Up A small group of security researchers formed of Kizzzzurt (@Infosec_Pom), CyberSecStu (@CyberSecStu) and myself discovered 32 AirFASE devices connected to the[…]

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20th July 2018 0

QR Codes! The Modern USB Drop

This the beginning of an investigation I will be conducting into the susceptibility of the general public to scan a QR code in a public space. This is because the[…]

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13th July 2018 0

A few people I’ve worked with!

Just a short list of organisations and people who ive worked and done disclosures with! Both the good and the bad.

Aviation – ISAC

Lovely to work with and gave me swag as a thanks for a disclosure!


Disclosed a bunch of relfected XSS vulnerbilities and a few devices that shouldnt be running. – They thanked me for the work.


Discovered a way to exploit URI schemes to get a reverse shell, discord replied but said it was a social engineering vector.